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Retreat Dharma Talks at Dhammadharini

Turning of the Year Retreat 2016-2017

The monastics of Dhammadharini monastery participated in a self retreat with guided talks by Ayya Sobhana on the Dhatuvibhanga Sutta MN 140.

2016-12-30 (8 days) Dhammadharini

2016-12-30 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part1_Introduction-talk 36:25
Ayya Sobhana
The monastics of Dhammadharini participated in a self retreat with talks by Ayya Sobhana on the Dhatubibhanga Sutta MN 140.
2016-12-31 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part2_18_Kinds_of_Mental_Exploration 34:39
Ayya Sobhana
2017-01-01 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part3 _Four_Elements 32:39
Ayya Sobhana
(We apologize for the sporadic clicks from the heater at the beginning)
2017-01-02 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part4_Space_Element 32:56
Ayya Sobhana
2017-01-03 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part5_Consciousness_Element_Equanimity 32:47
Ayya Sobhana
2017-01-04 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part6_Truth-talk 44:10
Ayya Sobhana
2017-01-05 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part7_Relinquishment_and_Peace 38:05
Ayya Sobhana
2017-01-06 Dhatuvibhanga_Sutta_Part8_Conclusion and Sangha Comments 24:59
Ayya Sobhana
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