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Retreat Dharma Talks at Dhammadharini

Tuesday Night Dhamma 2017 - The Five Aggregates

Preceded by a period of meditation, Ayya Suvijjana gives a review of one of the aggregates focusing on a different aggregate each week. Then she invites Ayya Sobhana to make any comments and invites questions from the audience.

2017-01-01 (365 days) Dhammadharini

2017-01-17 Intro_to_the_Aggregates 47:20
Ayya Suvijjana
2017-03-07 Why the 5 Aggregates are a Summery of Suffering 45:45
Ayya Sobhana
This is a review of how clinging to the five aggregates is a summary of suffering and, in particular, why consciousness can be a key as to whether we are hooked in the system or not. Using examples from neuroscience Ayya Sobhana explains how before knowing the Dhamma we are much more reactive to 'the slings and arrow of outrageous fortune', but through practice we can become more equanimous and calm and can receive the experience of life without being disturbed by it.
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