The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks given at Dhammadharini
2014-01-19 Disenchantment with Stress 61:47
Ayya Tathaaloka
Disenchantment with Stress talk give to the Sunday night Marin Sangha.

2013-04-12 Turning Our Lives Around: Overturning disappointment and negative states of mind through a complete revolution of attitude 1:14:35
Ayya Tathaaloka
Friday evening Kalyanamitta Group at the Peace Pagoda in Fremont, CA

2013-04-12 Guided Meditation 36:58
Ayya Tathaaloka
Guided Meditation led by Ayya Tathaaloka

2013-03-26 Four Establishments of Mindfulness 1:17:54
Ayya Tathaaloka
Four Establishments of Mindfulness talk given at the Mainstream Mindfulness group in Spokane, Wa.
Dhammadharini (Mainstream Mindfulness of Spokane)

2013-03-20 Discussion and Q&A at the Spokane Buddhist Temple 54:50
Ayya Tathaaloka
Discussion and QA with the Vipassana Meditation Sangha at the Spokane Buddhist Temple.
Dhammadharini (Spokane Buddhist Temple)

2013-03-03 Seeing with Eyes of Kindness: The 4 Brahma Viharas 62:16
Ayya Tathaaloka
Dhamma Talk given at the Marin Sangha in San Rafael, CA

2013-02-22 "S/he abused me!" Caring for feelings of mistreatment with mindfulness & loving-kindness 22:03
Ayya Tathaaloka
Kalyanamitta group at the Peace Pagoda, Fremont

2012-07-13 Misfortune Transformed 48:09
Ayya Tathaaloka

2012-07-05 Karma, Rebirth and the Eight Fold Path 1:16:52
Ayya Tathaaloka
Karma, Rebirth and the Eight Fold Path by Ayya Tathaaloka. Stephanie Tate closes the night with a Metta meditation.

2009-02-18 Buddhism and Environmentalism 53:01
Ayya Tathaaloka
Talk given at the San Jose Vippassana group at the Friends' Meeting House in San Jose, Ca.

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