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Ayya Tathaaloka's Dharma Talks at Dhammadharini
Ayya Tathaaloka
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2017-05-28 Vesak talk 49:25
2015-07-12 The Path of Intentionality 53:45
Dharma Wisdom: An Evening with Ayya Tathaaloka on "The Path of Intentionality"
2015-06-17 To Feed or Not to Feed 59:04
Ayya Tathaaloka speaks to the Oakland Against the Stream sangha.
2014-11-12 Self, Non-Self & Identity 65:43
Talk given to the Oakland Against the Stream sangha.
2014-07-15 Understanding Emotions and Trauma via the Lens of Right Effort with Ayya Suvijjana. 44:29
Understanding Emotions and Trauma via the Lens of Right Effort". This talk was given together with Ayya Suvijjana. In it, Ayya Tathaaloka takes a Iook at natural emotions and possibly emotionally traumatic experiences in light of the "Four Bases of Right Striving" aka "Wise" or "Right" Effort in the Noble Eightfold Path.
Dhammadharini (Wat Buddhanusorn)
2014-07-12 Asalha Puja/Dhamma Day Reflection 1:37:06
This talk was given during the Asalha Puja/Dhamma Day celebration at Dhammadharini Vihara in Santa Rosa.
2014-06-03 Contentment 50:37
2014-05-21 Gradual and Sudden Awakening 63:35
Dhamma talk given at Yoga Mendocino exploring "Gradual and Sudden Awakening" by Ayya Tathaaloka
2014-02-19 Looking Upon One Another with Kindly Eyes: The incredible Value of Sangha 1:12:00
Ayya Tathaaloka explores her own journey as a woman in this tradition and how kindness can guide us to our true nature and to true community. She offers teachings on the significance of the presence, practice and teaching of Fully Ordained Buddhist Women within the Western Theravadan Buddhist lay community, the inspiration of such a presence within the greater American society, and its connection to ideals and visions of enlightenment.
Dhammadharini (Yoga Mendocino)
2014-01-19 Disenchantment with Stress 61:47
Disenchantment with Stress talk give to the Sunday night Marin Sangha.

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