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Dharma Teachers of Dhammadharini
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Ayya Dhira
Ayya Dhira was taught in Samatha-Vipassana meditation since 1994. During the last years she has been trained according to Mahasi Sayadaw methods. She is the first Theravadan Bhikkhuni who has received her full ordination in Germany 2015. From June 2016 until May 2017 she is guest of the Dhammdharini Sangha in Penngrove.

Ayya Sobhana
Ayya Sobhana is the Vice Abbess of Dhammadharini, the monastic women’s community located in Sonoma County. Together with Ayya Tathaaloka Theri, Ayya Sobhana has been deeply involved in restoring Bhikkhuni full ordination in the Theravada tradition. She meditated and trained with Bhante Henepola Gunaratana since 1989 and stayed at the Bhavaha Society in West Virginia from 200 to 2010. She ordained in 2003 and obtained full Bhikkhuni ordination in 2006. Her primary practice is the Eightfold Noble Path - i.e. integration of meditation with ethical living and compassionate relationships for the sake of liberation. During the past decade, Ayya Sobhana has been developing the crosswalk between the Buddha’s teachings and our western understanding of emotion, as it has been transformed by recent developments in neuroscience, evolutionary biology and philosophy of mind.

Ayya Suvijjana

Ayya Tathaloka

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